Dat Protocol

Dat is a new p2p hypermedia protocol. It provides public-key-addressed file archives which can be synced securely and browsed on-demand.

FastArchives sync from multiple sources at once.
SecureAll updates are signed and integrity-checked.
ResilientArchives can change hosts without changing their URLs.
VersionedChanges are written to an append-only version log.
DecentralizedAny device can host any archive.

Dat Protocol development is sponsored by Code for Science & Society, a 501(c)(3). Learn more at the Dat Protocol Foundation Website.


User Documentation

Documentation for end-user tools and developer libraries.


Specifications for the Dat protocol. View pre-draft DEPs and the DEP process on GitHub.


Extensions to the Dat protocol.

How Dat Works

Visual explanation of the Dat protocol.

Dat Whitepaper

April 2017 whitepaper on the Dat Protocol (View source on GitHub). For updated specifications, please see DEPs.